Update - What I've been up to!

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve been up to in the last few months, and share some resources that may be beneficial for you too.

Learning about the Power of Mindfulness, Acceptance, Values and Commitment

I’ve been learning more about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I’ve done more training in the subject and read more fascinating books on it too. I’ve decided to create an interactive workshop where you can try exercises from ACT in London in a few weeks time, based on the latest book on the subject by the originator of ACT. 

Attending 8th International Conference on Compassion

I’m currently attending a conference in Edinburgh organised by the Compassionate Mind Foundation which shares the ideas of Compassion-focused Therapy developed by Professor Paul Gilbert. I hope to share some insights from the event in the next week or so.

Link to Conference and Live Stream Purchase Available Here

Writing 3rd Edition of Mindfulness For Dummies

I’ve been working on a new edition of my book Mindfulness for Dummies. It’s on it’s third edition now and I’m proud to say, translated in many languages, including Chinese recently!

In the upcoming edition, I’ve updated:

  • Section on Mindfulness for Children

  • The Science of Behaviour Change and Habits in relation to daily Mindfulness Practice

  • Some insights from ACT

  • New resources and ideas for new locations for retreats

  • Fully updating insights about mindfulness throughout the book

It should be out early in 2020!

Organising the International Happiness at Work Summit Online

I’ve been very busy organising this event!

You can follow our Facebook Event page for a free link to the event, which will launch in a couple of weeks.

Here’s the spiel!

Internationally leading experts including world-class professors, New York Times best-selling authors, renowned psychologists, talented teachers, entrepreneurs, pioneers, trainers and emerging voices have come together for the International Happiness at Work Summit. At this event you will learn how to:

Discover what Happiness at Work is

✔ Find out the benefits of happiness at work, which include greater resilience, positive stress and improved focus

✔ Discover the important difference between trying to feel good and cultivating a rich and meaningful work (and home) life

✔ Explore the two ways to happiness: seeking pleasure and finding purpose

Find Out Practical Tips to be Happier at Work

✔ Enjoy short and specific exercises recommended by our experts

✔ Find out the evidence-based ways to boost your resilience and wellbeing

✔ Discover simple yet powerful models to bring more happiness into the workplace

Evidence-based Ways to Happiness

✔ Get advice on bringing happiness to you and your colleagues from the world’s leading experts

✔ Learn about the science of happiness at work

✔ Explore insights from the fields of Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Training, Mindfulness and Compassion

Create a Happier Culture and Happier Teams at Work

✔ Find out ways to create a positive change in the culture of your organisation

✔ Explore how to create happier, healthier and more effective teams

 Follow the event here



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