8 of the Best Videos on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Mindfulness in Action

Here’s my favourite videos teaching the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is an evidence-based mindful therapy and training for all.

The approach is a paradigm shift to most other therapies as the aim is not symptom reduction, and even challenges your ideas of what happiness means.

Enjoy these videos and let me know if you have any other recommendations.

Passengers on a Bus Metaphor

A great short summary of the whole approach to ACT in the form of a bus ride.

Psychological Flexibility

A moving TEDx talk by Steven Hayes, the originator of ACT

The Struggle Switch

A great little animation by Russ Harris showing the futility of struggling with unhelpful emotions.

3 Myths of Happiness

Another great video from Russ Harris which I found very powerful when I saw it. Clarifies the importance of defining happiness and the potential danger of making feeling good into a goal in life.

Here Comes a Thought

A brilliant song based on ACT, watched over 30 million times across the net! Helps you to see that are thought is ultimately, just a thought.

Tug of War Metaphor

Lovely little animation by ACT Auntie showing a popular metaphor in ACT. The problem with having a tug of war with unhelpful thoughts, and a great solution.

What are Values

Here’s a video on the difference between values and goals, and giving you some ideas of values you can cultivate in your life.

The Guest House

A beautiful poem by Rumi translated by Coleman Barks you may have heard that sums up the whole ACT and mindfulness approach.

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