Annual Review of 2018 and Intentions for 2019


This is my first annual review. I’ve broken it down into two parts - reflecting on the highs and challenges of 2018 and my hopes and intentions for 2019.

I’ve limited it to a page so it’s highly focused. You can use this format too if you like. Here goes!

What went well in 2018?

The highlight of the year has been becoming a Facebook Community Leadership Fellow. I had the privilege to fly over to California to work with the team at Facebook and got to meet amazing changemakers from 47 different countries! I have since been asked to train all the top community leaders from around the world in mindfulness and self-compassion, which is really exciting!

What was your biggest challenge in 2018?

My biggest challenge was the changes that the Museum of Happiness faced in the Summer. We had some change of staff, we had to move out of our space which we designed and we had to secure a new location. I’m proud to say that with the help of both our community and some core team members, we did extremely well. We kept the organisation going, we managed to move out with the generous help of our community and we secured a beautiful new venue which we’ll continue to use on Friday nights in 2019. So grateful to all those that supported us in the move!

What lessons did you learn in 2018?

Professionally: Honest communication is vital to create a powerful team. Everyone needs to be open about how they feel otherwise frustration can fester at best - and breakdown of communication at worst. Authenticity and vulnerability are strengths and require great courage and a safe space to share. This requires regular meetings that are quiet, undistracted and leave enough time for everyone to share how they feel. I’ve learnt this through both my own experience and through the interviews I’ve done for the forthcoming Mindfulness and Compassion at Work Summit.

Personally: After several years exploring the benefits of acceptance, I’m realising the importance of balancing that acceptance with change too. And this change needs to be through small actions which develop habits. Motivation fluctuates, but small positive changes are doable by everyone. These changes develop into habits through constant repetition. Over time, these positive changes create a compound positive impact on work, heath, happiness and relationships for everyone you meet and interact with.

What will your focus be in 2019?

My focus in 2019 will be balancing acceptance and self-compassion with nurturing tiny habits. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to create positive habits. Mindfulness is one of many positive habits you can develop. In the last two months I’ve started nurturing better working habits, sleeping habits, tidying habits, meditation habits and exercise habits. I’m excited to learn more about tiny habits and to share them with you all. That way you can develop and grow in a positive way together with me!

What are your intentions for 2019? Do share your thoughts or a link to your blog/social media if you’re written your reflections/intentions for 2019.

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