Supercharged Brain Training with your Feet?

2013-05-15 10.51.29

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit agitated. My mood was a bit up and down. And I had a book deadline to meet. So, I decided to take action. I could sit down and meditate, but I didn't think that would help so much on this occasion. I needed fresh air and exercise really. So, I decided to do some mindful brisk walking. This combines the physical exercise of walking with the brain training of mindfulness meditation - at the same time. Good for your physical health (especially your heart) and good for your brain too (improves focus, raises mood).

To do mindful brisk walking, try the following:

1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

2. Set your intention for the walk to be brisk, so you're slightly out of breath when walking, but could still comfortably have a conversation. Also, set your intention to be mindful. You can open your eyes now by the way.

3. Start walking briskly. And you can be mindful by simply feeling the sensation in your feet. If you don't like that, you can try feeling your breathing or the breeze against your face and hands. Whatever you prefer.

4. Remember to walk upright, with a sense of purpose. Look up rather than just at the ground (unless your path is full of pot-holes!)

5. Your mind will wander. Just bring it back and BE NICE TO YOURSELF. You don't need to beat yourself up for not being able to focus.


  • Leave your phone at home. This is a time for you.
  • Make this a daily habit and you'll feel much better within weeks if you don't currently meditate or exercise
  • Try slow mindful walking some time too.

Let me know your thoughts on this on here, or facebook or twitter. I haven't seen many blog posts on this particular mindful exercise, but I think it's great.