Mindfulness and Kindfulness - An Interview


I was recently interviewed by one of my favourite organisations - Service Space.

They run a weekly live call called Awakin Calls that goes out to thousands of people.

You can listen to the full interview here. 

Here’s some pre-interview questions they asked me to answer. How would you answer them?’

Your Greatest Inspiration?

Most recently was around 4 years ago when I was sick in bed and started listening to a meditation retreat on YouTube and finding myself blissed out and recharged through a totally different kind of meditation than what I was used to doing in the previous 16 years. I'll share the technique and details in the call.

An Act of Kindness You'll Never Forget?

My friends started a Facebook group to encourage my friends to do acts of kindness to celebrate my 40th birthday. It's still happening as my birthday was in late August and so warms my heart!

One Thing On Your Bucket List?

To have a hole at the bottom of my bucket!

One-line Message for the World?

Now is the most important time; the person infront is the most important person in the world; the most important thing to do is... to be kind!