The Incredible Power (and the 6 Benefits) of Writing Meditation

I’m writing this blog post whilst in a state of meditation.

I’m not going to edit it.

Just correct the spellings.

How am I achieving this?

Here’s how:

  • My eyes are closed. Luckily I can touch type so i don’t have to look at the screen. I open my eyes only from time to time to check my computer is still there.

  • I set a timer for 30 minutes. That way I know how long I’m going to be doing this for. Otherwise I may be in danger of going all night….i’m weird like that. :-)

  • At the end of every single sentence, I stop for a full in breath and out breath. Really. Every single full stop means: 'stop and breathe in and out'. And I feel each in and out breath with warmth, kindness and friendliness. I love it. For the first fifteen minutes or so, I was just yawning. It shows I was tired and needed the rest and this writing meditation. It’s a fascinating experience - I highly recommend you give it a go.
  • I started with no clear aim. I wasn’t planning to write this particular blog post. The first 15 mins of my writing was pretty funny and random and centred around my present moment feelings in my mind and body. And then this blog post emerged. That was the beauty of the meditation. No forcing. Just letting things emerge naturally.
  • Find your own way. Just ‘cause I used this method, doesn’t mean you need to copy. You may prefer to write on paper. And pause every paragraph rather than every sentence. You may like to start with a clear aim. Or at least a general idea of what you’re gonna write about. Use your gut feelings and do what feels right for you.
  • I write a sentence after every breath. By that I mean, I keep writing. I don't just sit in the silence waiting for inspiration. I write whatever emerges in my head. And if there’s nothing in my head, I write that there’s nothing in my head! That helps to keep the flow. Sometimes, especially at the beginning, when I stopped writing to breathe after every sentence, I felt like I was losing my flow. But after about ten minutes or so, I got used to it. My body relaxed and words emerged.

So that’s how to do writing meditation according to yours truly.

You may be wondering ‘What the point, Shamash?’. I’m so glad you asked. Here’s the benefits I’m enjoying right now:

  • My body feels really happy and relaxed. 
  • My mind feels so calm and peaceful.
  • I’ve gently entered into a meditative state without having to fully stop ‘doing stuff’.
  • I’m creating something awesome whilst also being in a meditation - that’s unusual and super cool according to me!
  • I’m doing something different, so it feels fun and exciting. And having fun is a really important value and experience for me. 
  • I need to write anyway. By meditating at the same time, I’m achieving two things at the same time, and also doing them both really well. In my opinion anyway!

So that’s meditative writing. Or mindful writing. Or writing meditation.

Whatever you wanna call it, give the practice a go. It feels really good!

Ok, I’ll stop now, my 30 minutes are up.

What did you think of this unusual post? Looking forward to chatting to you about it in the comments below. :)


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