How to Live Simply

Image by Shamash Alidina. March 2019, London.

Image by Shamash Alidina. March 2019, London.

I love simplicity. For me, simplicity is beautiful. To have simple focuses in life. To live everyday in a simple way. To find simple solutions to challenges. To write simply. I love it!

Here’s five popular blog posts, which you too can enjoy to help begin simplifying your life....if you wish!

1. Learn how to Live Simply

In this post, my favourite insight is to get clear what the benefits would be to you to live a more simple life.  The other really key point is that although living simply sounds easy, it’s not. It takes conscious effort and thought to simplify your life. But definitely worth it in the long-run.

2. Things I've Done To Simplify My Life

I really love all the short and sweet tips in this post. My favourites are:

  • Select your top five most important things in your life. Focus on them only.

  • Discover how much is enough. More and more just keeps going!

  • Take an annual retreat

3. Key Lessons for Living a Simple Life

Zen Habits is one of the most popular and longest running blogs on this subject. My favourite tips from here were:

  • We create our own struggles through our attachments. Simplicity is about learning to let go of those attachments.

  • Get clear what you want and say no to more things - this is a powerful one for me. It’s so easy to say yes to so many different and seemingly exciting things. But then simplicity goes out the window!

  • Find joy in a few simple things. I love meditating, walking, reading, learning and quality time with friends. Finding these things are so important.

4. The Simplest Way to Live Simply

I LOVE this cute little blog post, as it’s written by someone who read LOADS of books on simplicity, and then realised they all said the same thing - and so got rid of them all. For him, it came down to:

“Prioritise the few things that really matter, and put aside everything else.”

All other tips, says the writer, are just tactics. And then explains some of those tactics.

5. How to Live Simply in a Complicated World

My favourite tip from here is to ‘listen to your inner voice’.

This is a nice tip to end on. You can feel what’s working in your life and what needs removing. Begin listening not just to your logical left brain, but your intuitive right brain too (I know they are not exactly left and right brains, but works well as an analogy).

Let go of what doesn’t really matter to you, and focus on what really does matter.

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