One Radically Natural Tip to Reinvigorate Your Kindfulness Practice

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Today I gave myself complete permission to meditate however I wish. And i give you permission to do the same.

I allowed myself to sit in any way I please. And do whatever I felt was right in my meditation. To let go of all ideas of what it means to meditate, and all the postures I see in the media. And all the advice all the different meditation teachers give. Instead, I invited myself to truly be myself.  And do whatever feels right for me or nothing at all.

I decided to set a timer and experimented with my meditation. Rather than ‘me’ doing the meditation, I let the meditation do me!

It was messy and my mind wandered a lot. And I felt excited by the end! Why? Because I’d experimented! I’d tried something new. I felt like I was starting again on a blank sheet and scribbling on a piece of paper like a child, with no worries about the outcome. I didn’t have to try and get relaxed or enlightened or gain insights or anything else. I just let go and went for it!

So I invite you to give that a go. Make your meditation your own. Forget anything everyone has told you to do for meditation, including what you’ve read here. Start with a blank slate. Be courageous. Find out and explore and make mistakes and learn from them. Screw up. Going on a exploration on your own is great fun!

This is the kind of attitude I call kindfulness. To be kindful is to be yourself. To make your own mistakes. To find out what works for you. To trust yourself. To let go. To try something new.

If you don’t start now, then when?

And if you feel like it, let me know how it when. Especially after a few days of trying this radically natural approach. Enjoy!

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