10 (Scientific) Ways Mindfulness Can Make You Luckier!

Image by Shamash Alidina.

Image by Shamash Alidina.

I’m passionate about luck.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m being lazy and hoping to get lucky with things or if I’m getting over-excited about the science of luck. But I’ve spent a lot of time on this happy subject and keen to share with you...

Is Luck really a Science?

Yup! Turns out there’s two types of luck. One is when events are truly random, like the lottery. A huge study by Richard Wiseman (more about him later) on both lucky and unlucky people found they had exactly the same chance of winning the lottery. So don’t bother trusting Mystic Meg for your numbers.

But for everything else, like finding your dream job, meeting your ideal friend or partner, or just having a lucky day, you can massively boost your chances. This research was also primarily done by Professor Richard Wiseman and his team at the University of Bristol.

Using the findings from that research, here are some tips for you.

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Top 10 Tips to Get Luckier

1. Use mindfulness to boost your intuition

After research over 10 years trying to find the secrets of luck, researchers decided they’d ask lucky people if they used their intuition. They said yes, big time. In fact lucky people use their gut feelings and intuition far more often than unlucky people.

When unlucky people don’t listen to their intuitive feelings, they find themselves in toxic relationships, frustrating jobs and issues with health. When they begin to trust their gut more, their luck changes.

It turns out many lucky people practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga or some other way of becoming more aware of their intuitive hunches. So if you want to turn your luck around, consider one of our mindfulness courses!

2. Try something new

Have you heard the saying:

‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got’

Although that quote isn’t true if what you’re doing everyday is saving money(!), it is true for many other things. Doing the same things everyday gets boring. You don’t find new opportunities.

Lucky people love trying new things. From simple things like going on a different route to work, all the way to trying new jobs, visiting different places on holiday or meeting new people.

Try something new today and tell us how that goes! It’s fun, you learn something new and you boost your chances of getting luckier.

3. Believe you’re a lucky person

‘No one is luckier than the person who believes in his luck’ - German Proverb

Luck is very much about perspective. If you believe you’re a lucky person, you’re more likely to experience luck in your life.

If you believe you’re an unlucky person, you may like to begin by experimenting with the luck journal and writing short luck affirmations everyday. This can help to start shifting your mindset to the lucky position.

4. Smile more...and uncross hands and legs

Those smart researchers did a clever thing to discover this fact. They videotaped lucky and unlucky people and observed how they behaved, without listening to the sound. They noted their body language and then looked at what behaviour matched up with luck.

They found lucky people smiled more and had a more open body language. This had the effect of making them more approachable by others. And more conversations with others leads to more luck!

5. Turn bad luck into good

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

This is a powerful tip. Everyone experiences bad and good luck in their lives. But unlucky people see bad luck as just bad luck. But lucky people are great at turning bad luck into good!

For example, if you fall down the stairs and fracture your arm, unlucky people would think ‘oh my goodness, I’m so unlucky. This is typical. What will happen next? Bad luck comes in threes’ etc etc.

Lucky people think: ‘Oh wow, that was so lucky! I just broke my arm. I could have had a much more serious injury. Thank goodness for that!’

Same scenario - different perspective.

6. Keep a luck journal

I love this idea and practice a version of it.

Get yourself a journal and write down two things:

  1. ‘I’m a lucky person and today is going to be a lucky day!’

  2. Write down whatever activities you’re doing or planning on doing to make you luckier.

If you already keep a daily journal (like me! go us!), then you can just add this in as part of your daily journaling.

Super tip - just write the word ‘luck’ at the top of each page of your journal to remind you each day to do your lucky exercises.

7. Rekindle your old friendships

Luck is very much about your connections with others. Experiments and research by social network companies has found we are connected to everyone else on the planet through around 6 connections. In other words, you can reach anyone on the planet through just six friendships - amazing!

Reach out to an old friend or acquaintance and have a catch up. A simple way to do this is to spend 10 minutes every week calling old friends you haven’t heard from in a while. If they don’t pick up, move onto the next person. Text if you must, but ideally give them a call - I know it’s quite rare these days to call!

8. Make a luck declaration

Complete the following sentence and write it into a luck journal or any piece of paper. Or even into your phone:

I commit to spending the next ___ days to making some time and effort everyday to be luckier.


Another easy one. Everyday write down: ‘I’m a lucky person and today is going to be my lucky day!’

9. Expect good luck in the future

Lucky people expect to be luckier. Much luckier. And expectations can help - having higher expectations means you put more effort into making it happen.

You can easily try this. Expect your next business meeting to go really well and that you’ll strike the sale. Or expect next time you go for a walk, that you’ll spot something amazing. Or expect your children to behave better at dinner this time, and make an effort to make that happen too,

10. Set lucky goals

Set yourself a goal that’s a long shot. Unlikely to happen. And take steps everyday to make those goals a reality! For example, I’ve set a funding target of a million pounds for our Museum of Happiness. Up to this time, the highest we’ve received is $50,000, so it’s a long shot. But we didn’t even think we’d get the 50k, so why not shoot higher.

By having this goal, so far I’ve got in touch with two fundraisers, have discovered some new facts about national lottery grants, and maybe one of you reading this will be able to help us reach our target with help or a donation. With the funding we would be able to improve the mental health of thousands of people’s lives over many years.


Luck is a state of mind, not just something random that some people have and not others. And by doing simple daily exercises, you can become luckier, as hundreds of people have done. Unlucky people get lucky and lucky people get even luckier!

And even when things go wrong, remember Dr. Seuss’s advice:

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

I want to learn more!

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