March Update

I hope you're having a positive start to 2017. I'm so grateful for the serendipity that led to a wonderful past 3 months.

In January I visited Gujarat in India to attend a powerful retreat with Nipun Mehta called Gandhi 3.0. Volunteer and friend Audrey did a beautiful write up on the experience. I discovered the transformative power of generosity and love, and had the privilege to meet many people with very kind hearts and open minds. A life-changing experience. I’m doing my best to implement what I learnt at the Museum of Happiness and with my team at Teach Mindfulness as we continue to grow.

In February I attended the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco. A very different experience. My friend Chi, who helped organise our Happier World Conference also attended and enjoyed the event. Popular speakers included Jewel, Tami Simon, Dan Siegel and Jon Kabat-Zinn. The key takeaway for me, talking to attendees, was to go beyond just bringing mindfulness and meditation into organisations. That’s just the start. We need to think about how to implement more longer term, positive changes in the culture of organisations. To help organisations go from places of stress, anxiety and anger, to places for creativity, fun, presence and compassion.

In March I had the opportunity to visit Hawaii for the first time! I was supporting my good friend and CEO of an innovative AI startup based called Fido AI in the Bay Area to recharge, with Mindful (Kindful) coaching to offer space for creative thinking and strategy. I loved my time there and we had lots of great ideas that we shall be implementing. I also spent some time on the beach of course! Teaching a free daily 'Hawaii Sunset Meditation Class' on the beach in Maui to people from the local youth hostel was one of the highlights of my trip! One visitor was a social worker and she found the meditation particularly useful and hopes to meditate regularly - heart-warming stuff.

In other news, this month marks the start of some major programs and happiness events, offline and online.


Our next Teach Mindfulness Online training starts on 21 March. You can read more about it here.

We also launch our next Teach Mindfulness at Work program in March. Apply here.

And last but not least, our Kindfulness 8 week online video class continues to grow in popularity. Sign up for the first 7 days for free to give it a try, without any need to enter your payment details!

March also means it's UN International Day of Happiness on 20th March! We are working with several different happiness organisations to offer Facebook Live online video broadcasts throughout the day. Enjoy talks and stories about how happiness is being spread throughout the world, live, with tips and tricks to implement in your own life.

To receive updates on that, sign up your email on our Museum of Happiness site.

And if you happen to live in London, Karma Kitchen is back for one night only! They are offering their beautiful, delicious, unique pay-it-forward dinner at the Canvas Cafe. Sign up if you’re a Londoner! Highly recommended.