Dopamine, Happiness and Kindfulness

Is the world addicted to dopamine?

I’ve just returned from a silent retreat with meditation teacher Ajahn Brahm. 

I’m pleased to announce that Ajahn Brahm has agreed to be Patron of the Museum of Happiness! More on that soon.

Anyway, I had quite a few insights during my experience on retreat. About life, meditation and inner peace. 

But as I had my phone switched off for the 9 days, I observed something more clearly than I ever have before. 

The huge addiction most people have to smartphones. Including me to some extent!

When I was at a hotel, watching people on the beach or by the swimming pool, most people were looking at their phones. It was so amazing to see.

When we check our phones for messages, we get a dopamine hit in our brain.

Perhaps dopamine has become the biggest drug that hundreds of millions of people are now addicted to, without even knowing it?

I really do think this is the case.

I’m going to be writing more on this subject in the upcoming months, and suggest creative, powerful ways to freedom from this addiction in your life.

Latest Kindfulness and Happiness Interview Online

Action for Happiness is a charity that helps people take action for a happier and more caring world. They are a wonderful organisation and I recommend you follow and join them.

In fact, it was Action for Happiness that inspired us to start the world’s first Museum of Happiness.

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Gui who volunteers for Action for Happiness. He also runs the Renaissance Podcast

You can check out the video or podcast here - I talked about mindfulness, kindfulness, happiness and other funny stuff.

We also had a game of pool - one of my favourite sports!

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