10 Great Guided Mindfulness and Kindfulness Meditations

Tese are some of my favourite guided meditations that I’ve found on YouTube. I hope you love them too!

10. Here’s a guided meditation with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh with music:


9. If you like the sound of waves and gongs and kindfulness meditation, here’s a lovely one by Sharon Salzberg.


8. Fancy a long guided body scan meditation? Try this one by Jon Kabat-Zinn - the guy that got us all researching mindfulness meditation back in 1979. This track has become a bit of a classic, if you can have a classic for guided meditations!


7. Here’s another lovely one by Jon Kabat-Zinn, called ‘breathscape and bodyscape’...a play on the word landscape.


6. Want a shorter body scan? Look no further than this baby, from Professor Mark Williams.


5. Whilst we’re with Mark Williams, do try this meditation called ‘Befriending’. Links beautifully with our Kindfulness approach.


4. Need help with sleep? Tara Brach is here for you. Try this anytime, except when using heavy machinery...or light machinery for that matter.


3. We now go to my favs. Here’s 40 minutes with Ajahn Brahm, called a Body Sweep:


2. Loving Kindness Meditation by Ajahn Brahm...I love the style of this:


1. And here’s one of my favourite meditations and reflections from Ajahn Brahm.



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