9 Steps to Enjoy More Synchronicity in Your Life

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Last week I saw this striking piece of graffiti in Shoreditch. I don’t often stop to look or take photos, but there was something magical about the artwork - so I took my time and took the photo, waiting for an iconic London black cab to speed past. Do you like it?

The next day, whilst researching the benefits of working a 4 day week, I saw that very same location filmed by the BBC.

I smiled. I took it to mean I should try working a 4 day week once in a while, and put it down as a moment of synchronicity.

The people over at Oxford define synchronicity as:

“The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”

Carl Jung coined the concept, no less.

I love it when things happen through synchronicity. Recent examples include:

  • I messaged an old friend I haven’t messaged for months, and she happen to message me at exactly the same time.

  • I have a feeling that my assistant is going to watch a musical the very day I suggest it to her, and she’s booked it to see it that day. And we’ve never discussed musicals in the many years we’ve known each other.

  • Our Museum’s first address is at building number 42, and our new venue is called 42 acres, and we launch it exactly 42 days after we run our final major event in the previous venue. And it’s my 42nd year on planet earth too. Boom!

Why do I enjoy spotting such ‘coincidences’? Because when I spot them, they remind me of this quote, which is hanging outside our new venue:


“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

As a science student, I was taught that everything was random - coincidences happen due to chance. But living that way is so boring! Whether everything is random or has some sort of magic behind it, no one can ever prove one way or the other, no matter how much evidence they have. So, I choose to live my life as if magic does exist - as if the Universe is on my side.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed about synchronicity. The more often such events happen, the more I feel I’m living in line with my calling. When I’m feeling positive, when I’m spending time with positive friends that believe in the power of synchronicity, the more I notice such events.

I’ve shared similar experiences with my post on increasing luck in your life too.

Here’s my mindful tips for inviting more synchronicities into your life:

1. Look out for synchronicities today! Just be aware of so called ‘coincidences’ and rather than seeing them as a insignificant random occurances, consider them a moment of synchronicity and acknowledge them.

2. Act as if the Universe is on your side. Rather than considering yourself on your own, trying to navigate through the challenges in life, see if you can imagine that the Universe is giving you experiences to support and help you. To teach you. To make you smile. You could even try considering everything as significant in your life in some way.

3. When things seemingly go wrong, don’t jump to negative conclusions. Instead, look out for an unusual opportunity that may come out of such difficulties.

4. Take decisions based on synchronicities. This is a more tricky one, but play with it. For example, when I kept seeing the number 42, on buses, on number plates, I took it as a sign to work with an organisation called 42 Acres when they approached me. So rather than spending hours weighing up the pros and cons, I used synchronicity to help me make a decision.

5. Smile when synchronicity happens! For a while, I made the mistake of taking synchronicity for granted. ‘Oh well, just another synchronous event’ I thought. Bad idea! Then the synchronicity loses its magic. Instead, I now think ‘Yay! I wonder what other magical synchronicities are in store for me today?’ Having this fun, playful attitude is such a joyful way to live. (Here’s my smile meditation on insight timer app to help you rediscover your inner smile)

6. Spend time with other people who believe in synchronicity. I find this can really supercharge the amount of moments in which I spot magical, mysterious and fun synchronicities.

7. Practice awareness and kindness raising activities. Like mindfulness, kindfulness, other meditations, yoga, tai chi, qigoing and so on. These practices raise your level of awareness so you are better able to spot the magic of synchronicity more often.

8. Control and plan less. Control can be very boring. Planning every minute can be a chore. But when you go into a meeting, event or situation without a plan, you’re creating the space for magic to happen...as anything can happen. It’s more scary but it’s also more fun. Things are not really under your control anyway - that’s just an illusion. So why not let go and see where synchronicity takes you today? If you spot something, great. And if not, no worries either. Breathe and be patient. :)

9. Do acts of kindness for others. They make you feel good and they’ll make the receiver feel good too. This feel good attitude will lead to some lovely synchronicities.

BONUS TIP - Because the Universe is on your side today!

10. Practice Gratitude. Even just thinking about one think that you’re happy or grateful about that happened today as you drift to sleep could help you enjoy more magical moments of synchronicity in your life as you’ll have a more realistically positive outlook. Here’s how.

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