The Whole of Buddhist Philosophy Summarised in One Sentence

Renowned meditation teacher Ajahn Brahm was asked by a busy executive:

'Can you summarise Buddhism in one sentence? I'm in a hurry, be quick!'

As Brahm didn't have much time to think about the answer, he instantly replied with great wisdom:

'If you want something more, you can't enjoy what you already have.'

Take a few moments to reflect on this.

If you let go of all your want right now, how would you feel? Just for now...

Feeling more peaceful already?

How to find moments of peace

It's natural to want and desire things. That's what drives your actions.

But you need times in the day to let go of wanting too.

Especially when life seems far from ideal.

To allow the moment to be just as it is. To let your crazy mind be crazy. To smile at your wild emotions. To let your body fall apart without fighting it.

Moments when you let go of wanting are moments of contentment. The heart of happiness.

It's especially important to let go of this wanting in your mindfulness/meditation practice.

Contentment is the greatest wealth. - Buddha

Practice of the week:

Cultivate contentment. Let go of wanting. Let this moment right now just be as it is. Enjoy even the briefest moment of peace in your busy day.

How can you do that? Each time you need to check the time, remember to try this:

Breathe deeply.

Smile widely.