Best Websites for Healthy Living


I've recently been searching for a list of websites that help to improve health and wellbeing to be able to pass onto my mum, but couldn't find a good list, so I've created one here. All these websites have information that is based on good quality scientific research rather than just being made up by the author of the website.

Help Guide

One of my favourite websites on the internet. Very easy to read and great quality information.

The UK's NHS website is packed with great information, and continues to improve everyday.

This website is often recommended by doctors. Not so easy to navigate, but some of the links from there are brilliant.

Web MD

Great, easy to follow, evidence based advice and tips from doctors and health professionals.

Net Doctor

Similar to Web MD but based in UK

Mayo Clinic

Vast amount of information in an easy to follow writing style.

National Institute of Health

This is a well-funded US based site. I don't use it much, but the quality of the content is well-researched.

British Heart Foundation

This is a charity in the UK for keeping your heart healthy - something we all need to do!


Bupa is a private health organisation, but offer quite a bit of free information here.

Action for Happiness

This is a charity and movement based in the UK but offered globally. Lots of great ways to raise your level of happiness which turns out to be extremely good for your health. Very easy to follow information here.

Please let me know if you know of any more that are easy to use and full of evidence based medicine for body and mind. Thank you.