My Vision

I believe in a happier, kinder and more playful world.

I commit to maximising deep happiness for all, including myself, as best I can.

My Philosophy of Life

I believe this moment matters.

The most important time is now.

The most important person or experience is the person or experience in front of me.

When I’m alone, the most important person is myself.

And the most important thing to do is to be kind.

I believe in simple living.

Happiness comes through service and generosity.

And it's in the joy of others that our joy lies.

The Value of Meditation

I believe meditation is not what you pay attention to, but how you pay attention to it.

Meditation is inner service and outer service is meditation.

Meditation leads to greater peace, awareness, wisdom and compassion.

I am a lifelong beginner of meditation.

And I commit to sharing meditation with whoever wants to learn.

The Need for Self-Compassion

I believe self-compassion, being kind to myself, is an important step to allow me to care for others.

I can't give from an empty cup.

The sky, the trees, this whole earth is beautiful because of its imperfections.

And you and I are beautiful because of our imperfections too.

I believe I am enough just the way I am. And you are enough just the way you are too!

The Joy of Letting Go

I believe letting go is the greatest skill anyone can ever learn.

Excessive wanting...craving...and attachments lead to suffering.

I believe letting go leads to peace, love and joy.

Valuing Contentment

I believe gratitude for what I have is far wiser that craving for what I don’t.

A sense of contentment to this moment leads to peace and love.

And contentment is the highest happiness.

... So, although this manifesto ain't perfect, I'm gonna say it's good enough and go to bed now! 

You’re Invited To Join Our Manifesto's Cause!

Together we are stronger!

I invite you to join our movement to create a happier, kinder and more playful world.

Thank you for being here.

Peace and love, sisters and brothers!