Mindful Photography

For a change, rather than just writing to you, I thought I’d share my experiences in Plum Village in France (a retreat centre started by Zen Master and Mindfulness teacher Thich Nhat Hanh) and my time in London in the last month or so through a selection of mindful photographs.

I hope you are able to take time to enjoy as I enjoyed taking the photos!

Green Pond at Plum Village | Thenac, France


This photo was taken when a few friends were on a stroll on a ‘lazy day’ at a Neuroscience Retreat in Plum Village in France. Every week, the retreat centre has a lazy day, which was initiated by Thay. The idea is that we are too busy and work too hard - we need to learn to be more lazy. There’s no schedule on lazy days and we’re encouraged to make no plans but just go with the flow in a mindful way.

Bails of Hay | Thenac, France


We went on a 3 hour hike in the countryside surrounding Plum Village in our ‘family’. A family is a group of about 20 people that meet for meals and share from our hearts in a circle during retreats. In our family we had two delightful monks who taught us many things. We also did service everyday - we had a new monk guiding us in service, and he was so fun, we were dancing to ABBA in the mornings before we did our weeding!

Sun-kissed Sunrise | Montaillac, France


We stayed outside of Plum Village. This was a view of the garden that we woke up to one morning, just before setting off to drive to Plum Village.

You Have Enough | Plum Village, France


Spotted someone wearing this bag in the grounds of Plum Village - so clever! Except I was thinking, if they bought the bag, they obviously though they didn’t have enough. :)

On the Path | Kensington Gardens, UK


Going on a walk with friends, I had to take a photo of this lovely scene. It has been raining a lot in London, but this day was both rain-free and beautifully sunny.

Yellow | Krishnamurti Centre, Hampshire, UK

I only took a couple of photos whilst visiting Hampshire, and this was one of them just in the final minute before leaving. The rest of the time I was practising ‘digital detoxing’.

Framed by a Tree | Friary Park, London UK


A gorgeous scene in my local park. I love going for walks everyday.

Light Bulb Moment | Royal Festival Hall, London UK


This was a display following a day of talks at TEDx London event in the Royal Festival Hall, overlooking the River Thames. 

If you enjoy taking photography in a mindful way, whatever that means to you, please share a link in the comments below - thanks!

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