Managing the Voices in Your Head


Fun Video Summary

You probably notice there’s many different voices in your head - about that ‘delightful’ conversation you had with your teenage son, the groceries you need to buy, that cute italian (and indian!) you spotted in the coffee shop, the new presentation you need to work on, the shocking discovery that your baby is getting through more nappies that pampers can produce...blah, blah, blah...sometimes it feels like the voices just never shut up!

Well, mindfulness and kindfulness comes to the rescue! (cue Superman and Wonderwoman music at the same time, mainly with trumpets).

Try this two step process today. Just two!

1. Apply the Miracle of Mindfulness

Still not quite sure what mindfulness is. I know the feeling. Well, to be mindful means to be aware non-judgmentally of the voices in your head. Listen to the voices and let them be. Don’t fight or push them away. The power they hold are in the negative attitude you have towards them. Just listen.


2. Infuse with the Magic of Kindfulness

Make friends with the voices in your head. Smile towards them. Be friendly to them. Don’t try to control them or push them away. Let them be. The more you smile towards your challenging thoughts, the more they smile back to you. Sounds sweet - and it works too!

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Did you watch the video or try this strategy? Lemme know in the comments and I promise to write back and chit chat with you...if you’re into that. Cheers!